7 Items That Turn a House Into A Home

A home is much more than its dimensions and structural elements. Its essence comes from the unique tastes and characteristics of those that design and live within it. But what is the best way to convey individual style? Customization.

Going Custom

Custom-designed products are especially valuable because they can be tailored to satisfy specific requests.

This guarantees every customer will receive exactly what he or she desires, and also allows customers to ensure their purchases are comprised of high-quality, durable materials.

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Adding Comfort and Style to a Home Interior

There are many options when it comes to customizing design. Some of these include:


Placemats can be designed based on size, color, pattern, and fabric. Also select from reversible options, rounded or angular corners, and waterproof “paper” mats.

There are even laminated and dry-erase options for the youngsters in the home. Fabric options feature just the right amount of absorbency and stain resistance.

Throw Pillows

Customized pillows can be intricately embroidered with names, initials, logos, and more. They may be ordered by color, pattern, fabric, and size.

There are outdoor options, metallic linens, French tapestries, Mongolian wools, and more. Holiday-themed and other pillows based on occasions, such as birth or anniversary, are popular as well.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are sure to add value and appeal to any dinner party or special occasion.

Many cloth napkin options are made from softened polyester, which facilitates easy cleaning. However, 100 percent imported linen is also an attractive choice. Embroidered initials, coats of arms, and logos are popular requests when customizing napkins.

Brindle Cowhide Rugs

Cowhides have been used for everything from cowboy pants to vehicle interiors, to couch cushions. The striking colors, patterns, and unique texture that comes with cowhides has made them appealing to a number of different people throughout the generations.

The most commonly used application of brindle cowhides, however, is for rugs.

Table Runners

Table runners may be selected to complement customized placemats and napkins, or for their own elegance and beauty.

Length and width are based on each customer’s specifications, along with material, color, and pattern. Themed options, such as seasonal and floral prints, are available as well.

Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are often-forgotten decorative details that deserve fair recognition.

There are countless possibilities, ranging from carved ivory and engraved metals to fine crystal and polished wood. Charms are often added to napkin rings to have special impact as well – nautical charms are fitting for beach parties, and tiny champagne glasses are perfect for New Year’s celebrations, for instance.

Polyester Curtains

Purchase customized polyester curtains to complement all window types and sizes. Their ability to ensure privacy and minimize light make them ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, although sheer curtains, along with various linings and interlinings, may be ordered as well.

Double-sided and double-bottomed hems are available upon request, as are a multitude of pleat styles.

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