Absolute Perfect Match For Your Wedding Colors and Flowers

Colors have indeed a special appeal to people and its choice is mostly out of preference. Whether dictated by your birth month, a color that is considered lucky, or just a color that you find very attractive, the way we choose our favorite colors is based on a person’s taste and preference.

Choosing What You Want

The same is true with choosing flowers or centerpieces. Some have a favorite flower because it holds a significant meaning to them or simply because the flower looks good. When choosing your flowers and colors for your romantic or winter wedding, there are other things that you have to take into consideration.

pink wedding flowers

Your preference will determine the colors that you will use and the colors of the flowers or centerpieces as well. For some, they pick their choice of color and match it with flowers of the same shade.


For others, they first choose the flowers or table centerpieces and let the other details follow the color of the flower instead of the other way around. There are no rules when it comes to colors and ultimately, your preference is the one that will be followed. It is your romantic or winter wedding after all.

For a look that is pleasing to the eye, follow your color palette no matter what your choice of primary color is. Following the color palette means that you use shades that are complementary to each other.

By following the shade best suited for a color or a number of colors, your colors will not end up being tacky, distasteful or just odd or out of place.

Winter and Romantic Decor

When choosing your romantic or winter wedding flowers or centerpieces, you may also want to consider the symbolism that each one represents. Red roses symbolize love, pink roses symbolize gentleness, and white lilies symbolize purity.

You can be flexible and try out other flowers or centerpieces but decide first if you want that specific color to be present in your romantic or winter wedding.

Then check what that flower means. If you want the color of the flower but not the meaning that it represent, you can look for another flower in the same shade and with the meaning that suits you perfectly. Here are someĀ romantic wedding ideas, or if you are having your wedding during our colder months, here are some winter wedding ideas.


Most people don’t think about symbolism anyway, so you might choose not to even take that into account and just choose flowers or centerpices that fit with the other decorations.

wedding pink flowers

You can ask the help of your romantic or winter wedding planner or friends and relatives who recently got married and they can refer to you a good florist. The type of flower available in season can be a major consideration as well.


As the freshness and price of the flower is largely dependent on this, choose one that is in season so it can be delivered on time and the cost will be more affordable.

Your choice of colors and flowers can make a huge impact on your fancy wedding. Although you can choose any colors you like for your romantic or winter wedding, remember that your choice of color is something that your guests will remember for a long time.

Best Choice

Your choice of flowers or centerpieces can enhance the romantic ambiance and complement the overall theme of your romantic or winter wedding. The classic white is a great romantic or winter wedding color, but do not be limited by it.

You can choose one, two or even three color combinations nowadays when it comes to your romantic or winter wedding colors and lovely flowers.

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  1. Rachel Simmons

    Excellent ideas here for weddings. My fiance and I just can’t seem to agree about what to do with our centerpieces.


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