Creative Ways to Decorate Using Tablecloths and Runners

If you can’t get enough of Pinterest-inspired ideas for how to decorate your home, you are absolutely not alone. There are lots of different ways to creatively use common household items to breathe new life into your décor, but they’re not necessarily always great ideas—sure, using pinecones covered in peanut butter  and bird seed can double as great bird feeders, but using old hand towels as scraps for a quilt? Maybe not.

Instead of taking a gamble on some of the less-than-attractive ideas out there, check out these ways to dress up your home with tablecloths and table runners.

Use a Sheer Overlay Over an Opaque Tablecloth

If you want to make your dining table a little bit more luxe looking for company or for the holidays (and who doesn’t?), adding a lace or metallic sheer overlay to your existing table cloth can be the perfect way to do so. Overlays with glittering thread woven throughout create a beautiful backdrop for the Christmas roast or for Thanksgiving dinner. Even if you’re not hosting a big group, they can help get your family into the festive mood.

Stack Table Runners

In a similar vein, you can create a layered look by choosing one table cloth, then using a wide runner, and on top of that wide runner, placing a second runner that’s a thinner width, perhaps of a different color, pattern, or fabric.

orange table runner

Use a Runner Along Your Credenza

Take the table linen away from the table for a minute and think of the possibilities! It’s not traditionally how they’re used, but if they’re the same length as your credenza, they’re a great way to tie your decorations together, especially if the runner is seasonally appropriate.  Lay it across the top of the credenza, and let the excess length drape down the sides.

Instead of One Runner, Use Two

Typically, table runners are used down the center of tables to place things like the meal’s dishes or centerpieces. Instead, mix things up and use two runners, down the sides of the tables where people sit—think of it as one long placemat on either side. You can use the same color/pattern or mix and match!

Make Light-Up Table Décor

Either by sewing or by attaching with Velcro, attach strings of lights to the sides of a table runner, and in an instant, you have a perfectly festive set-up for Christmas or any other holiday.

Using table linens for sprucing up your home is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to redecorate and make your house look festive and fun. What are some of your favorite ways to use linen to decorate?

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