How to Properly Use Table Runners to Decorate Your Home

You can easily make your tables look appealing at home with a decorative table runner. Table runners can add color, texture and an overall unique and elegant look for the home. Here are some guidelines to follow when selecting a table runner that best matches your home decor.

Take Measurements of Table Length and Width

An easy way to measure your table is to place your tablecloth on it and adjust it so that each side hangs evenly, with six inches past the table edge on each side. The table runner should be a foot longer than the length of the table and hang six inches below the edge on both ends, matching up with the tablecloth. It should also only be a third of the width of the table.

table runner

Place the Table Runner in the Exact Center of the Table

When placing the runner on your table, make sure it sits exactly in the center on top of the tablecloth. If you have a centerpiece for the table, place it on top of the table runner and make sure it sits evenly in the center as well.

Use Multiple Table Runners for a Contemporary Look

When using more than one table runner, you should make sure that the others are narrower than the one stretched across the entire length of the table; they should be one-fourth of the width of the table. Ideally, they’ll also hang evenly with the edges of the tablecloth when laid perpendicular to the main table runner. To avoid an “overcrowded” look, try to keep each table runner about two feet apart.

Shorter Table Runners Can Highlight Centerpieces

A table runner that is one-third the length of the table is a good choice if you wish to mainly highlight a centerpiece. Conversely, you can completely remove the tablecloth and use a long table runner to highlight the table itself. If you don’t use a tablecloth, you should make sure the runner is a solid color, with a texture that matches the texture of the table.

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