Reasons to Choose a Wrought Iron Entryway

If you are comparing entryway door options for your home, a wrought iron design is worth investigating. Wrought iron doors are both classic and elegant.

They combine old world style with practical benefits that will appeal to a variety of different homeowners. Learn more about why wrought iron is such a good investment for your home below.


Typically made from a combination of steel and ironwork, wrought iron doors provide the longest lifespan of any other decorative or security door. This is one of the main reasons why they have remained the leading choice for countless years.

In addition to this, wrought iron doors are finished with a weatherproof coating that will not rust or bruise. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your door will look its best for countless years to come.

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Low Maintenance

Another benefit to choosing wrought iron for your front door is that it is an incredibly low maintenance material.

It does not rot or splinter unlike wood doors and does not require regular maintenance beyond cleaning with a non-abrasive soap. This means less work for you to keep your door looking brand new.

Enhanced Security

Wrought iron doors are virtually impenetrable. This factor plays a significant role in your home’s security and your peace of mind. Depending on what kind of door you want and where you intent to use it, you can add on additional features to increase the security level.

For example, an integral window may be installed so you can see who is attempting to come in prior to opening. You may also choose to equip your door with security cameras and even alarms if desired.

Increased Home Value

Among all of the entryway door styles, wrought iron varieties tend to not lose their value over time. Thanks to their many benefits and security features, they have remained a consistent investment that virtually pays for itself in the long run.

When compared with other materials such as wood, wrought iron also delivers more value based on the cost. Since it does not require maintenance beyond occasional cleanings and is not susceptible to damage and wear, it beats other materials in terms of value by a landslide.

In addition to this, your initial cost for installing a wrought iron entryway door is similar to that of using less durable materials.

Make Your Home More Appealing

Finally, wrought iron entryways can add the visual interest you have been wanting for your home. Doors are available in many different styles for you to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home’s style and design.

This will not only impress your neighbors and guests, but will also boost your home’s value. As an added benefit, wrought iron doors are easy to install.

When it comes to entryway doors, you have many choices to choose from. However, wrought iron doors offer benefits that other materials lack, which can make the decision making process a little bit easier for you.

Add charm to your home while enjoying low maintenance and enhanced security with a wrought iron entryway.

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  1. Jake

    I have always wanted to buy iron doors for my house but can never seem to fit it in my budget.


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